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How to dress as a sexy assassin- black widow guide

Natasha Romanoff or MCU’s Black Widow is the essential femme fatal. She is the bombshell who is the stereotypical Russian sexy assassin. She is a very skilled fighter who has even fought galactic forces. She is a force to be reckoned with. But she has done it all by being sexy as well (alas being sexy couldn’t save her at the end!). But if you want a sexy assassin guide, especially how to dress like one then there’s no better role model than Natasha Romanoff. Here’s what you will need to get that perfect sexy assassin look:

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The Body Suit:

This is the main part of the sexy assassin costume. Natasha or the Black Widow’s bodysuit is body-hugging. No matter which iteration you are going for- from her first appearance in Iron Man 2 to her appearance in her solo movie, all her bodysuits have been black and body-hugging. Although the cloth has graduated from being simply black or grey fabric to black sturdy material which looks like a proper suit rather than a jumpsuit. If you want a sexualized version then go for the Iron Man 2 fabric-suit style. If you want something less sexualized then go for the Endgame style which is less body-hugging and more form-fitting.


Natasha doesn’t just have any holsters. As opposed to waist holsters, she has thigh holsters and thigh holsters with small guns are a major sexy symbol. She has had them in Iron Man 2 and she will have them in her solo movie as well. You can make the thigh holsters by using three-piece of sturdy leather. Attach one to the belt, circle the other around your thigh and now attach both to the two ends of the third strip of leather. Make a place for the fake gun and then you will have a thigh holster ready. If you are thinking that it’s too much work then you can simply buy it off the internet. As for the colour, if you going for the first versions then go for grey if you are going for later versions then go for Black.


Belt is a major part of Black Widow’s costume. Her first belt was grey and it wasn’t there to hold any pants in place. It was a showpiece and so it sexily hanged on her waist and showed off her hips. But in her first costume, she had another wide belt with the Black Widow logo that she wore around her lower rib cage area. This was chucked in the later versions. You can go with any version you like. Apart from the belt in the lower rib cage area, all the other belts have been narrow and stylish. Also, the later versions have a black belt rather than grey. This is also the case for the belt used in her solo 2020 movie.


Black Widow wears biker gloves which looks useful. She wears it even in her solo 2020 movie. Whether it is sexy or not is debatable but it looks cool on her. Yes, it’s just black biker gloves you need to complete the suit. Along with the gloves she also wears arm bracers. But her bracers aren’t like the ones seen before. They are short but have some height to them. You can cut out plastic straws or bamboo sticks in equal lengths to make them. In a version of the suit, she also has blue arm bracers. But they will be really difficult to make even if you use little LED lights. So it’s advisable to not do that version or if you are doing it then get those off the internet.

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Shoulder and Knee Pads:

In the latter versions of Black Widow’s suit there are black, sleek knee and shoulder pads. You can see it in the trailer for her solo movie as well. But as you might have figured it out, it wasn’t there at the beginning. She didn’t wear any pads. You can choose to cosplay with or without the pads, they don’t make much of a difference. Whether it looks sexy or not is up to you.

If you want the sexy assassin look then this is the best guide for it. After all, no one does sexy assassin better than Black Widow.