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How to dress up as comic book scarlet witch- house of M look?

Wanda Maximoff or the Scarlet Witch is a character who everyone knows from the MCU. She has continuously appeared in the MCU after her debut in Avengers: Age of Ultron. She will next be seen in the Disney Plus show title WandaVision. While there are a lot of rumours about what that will deal with, but most rumours point out how the show will adopt a comic storyline known as “House of M.” This 2005 storyline was written by Brian Michael Bendis and illustrated by Olivier Coipel.

house of M

In short, in the story, Wanda or Scarlet Witch suffered a serious mental disease or breakdown. As a result of this, she tried to alter reality itself to get what she wanted- her children she had with Vision back. There’s more to it of course and at one point she tries to destroy all the mutants in the world. The storyline isn’t just sad, it’s really deep and it is often cited to be one of the best stories with the Scarlet Witch. So if you want to cosplay something recognizable and yet different from the MCU then this is the perfect place to start. To cosplay as the Scarlet Witch in House of M storyline, you will need:

Body Suit:

Most female characters in comics don’t have a practical suit. It’s very sexualized, which makes it difficult for cosplayers to cosplay it during different seasons. Wanda’s costume is the same. So you need to find your way around it to make it work. One way is to wear a sheer red bodysuit. While it’s not necessary and will certainly hamper any attempt at easy bathroom breaks, but a bodysuit will help you feel less naked since Wanda’s suit here is essentially a leotard with a cape. If you don’t want to wear a whole-body suit, then try wearing a red sheer top with red sheer pants. This will certainly make those bathroom breaks in a day-long convention easier.


Scarlet Witch’s costume in the MCU is very different from her comic book one. The MCU suit is more practical for sure and so it’s easier to pull off. You might struggle with the comic book version a little, but it can be done. What you will need first is a leotard. You can get rid of the straps if you want but we think it’s better if you let those stay as it will come useful later on. Make sure you get a red leotard and make it a shiny one. You can make it shiny by applying bright red paint on the leotard.

scarlet witch in the endgame movie


Wanda’s headgear separates her live-action costume from her comic book one. Her headgear (or rather face gear since it doesn’t cover her whole head) is unique. It’s quite easy to make because of the sharp shape. Get a picture of the headgear off the internet and use sturdy cardboard to make the headgear. Make sure that you can wear it and for that, you can add a circular backrest or two round circular bands that go around your head and hold the headgear together.


The cape is an important part of Wanda’s suit and it’s red as well. You can adjust the red of her bodysuit, leotard, cape, and boots to ensure that they are also visible as individual pieces and don’t get mixed in as one homogenous mass. As for the cape, you will need to wrap it around your shoulders. Make sure that the neck area is a little thick as it will help in hiding the collar of the red sheer top or bodysuit. You can opt for a floor-length cape or a waist-length one according to your preferences. Use a thick red cloth for making the cape as it will lend its weight and make the whole costume look serious. You can use the cape to cover the shoulder straps of the leotard or use the straps to hold the cape. This will ensure that the weight of the cape falls on the shoulders.

dress up as comic book scarlet witch


The boots are nothing extraordinary when it comes to this suit. All you need are two less than knee-length red shiny boots. The boots don’t have belts or any other designs so getting ordinary red ones should work.

Wanda or the Scarlet Witch’s costume is unique in the House of M storyline and wearing it will certainly make you stand out from other cosplayers.