How to Make a Kylo Ren Costume Step by Step

How to Make a Kylo Ren Costume Step by Step?

Science fiction is one of the most popular genres of movies are comic books out there. This world lets us explore the immense possibilities that there could be in the universe. while talking of science fiction, it is impossible and even to a certain extent immoral to leave Star Wars movie franchisee out of the scenario of discussion. Over the years the Star Wars movies have become an integral part of cosplay events and Halloween costumes.

The Star Wars has not only given us a set of amazing and interesting characters but also provided us with a mine off videos intimidating and interesting costumes of the characters as well. This may seem like an unworthy mention For many. But for a person struggling with the decision of what to wear in their next cosplay themed party Or the next Halloween party this is a piece worth a read, especially if you have not yet decided what is the costume that you want for the upcoming parties and events.

star wars kylo ren cosplay

Kylo Ren is one of the most popular characters for cosplay purposes. It is fairly easy to put together and can be used as Halloween costumes as well. They sure can be bought online, but there is a kick in wearing something that you made yourself. This is by the latest DIY culture and gives your costume a customized feel as well. If you are not hard-core DIY enthusiast or maybe this is your first attempt at putting together a suit then You have come to the right place for help. We have here a step by step process of putting together a Kylo Ren costume on your own. They are quite simple and can be followed by anyone quite easily. So what’s the wait about?! Let’s read on!

Steps to build your own Kylo Ren costume:

Here are some easy and precise steps to make your very own Kylo Ren costume (find more at Scroll along and discover how:

star wars kylo ren cosplay costumes

  • First off you need to start with the helmet. Now keep in mind that unlike usual helmets the one that Kylo Ren wears is a tad bit asymmetrical. Before you start making the helmet sure do keep your measurements perfect. Once you have taken all the measurements to recheck that the diameter height and circumference of the helmets fit that of your head. After making the helmet colour red the colours that it is made up of. It is advised to use spray paintings for the purpose. But you can use whichever kind of paint you feel like. You can make the mask or rather the frontier part of the mask that covers the face with a piece of cardboard.
  • Next up is the robe. This is the main outfit part. You must be well accustomed to the fact that the entire outfit is black. You need two hands create a texture within the black parts of the outfit. This you can do by using different kinds of materials for different parts of the suit. For instance, while you can use a scene did you ask for the cape and the hood, You may use heavier materials of cloth for the pants other parts of the dress.

You can use a black long coat with full sleeves black pants and gloves for the dress up. You can wear a chemise style dress for the top and black leather pants as the bottoms. Do not forget the boots. If you do not have jet black heavy boots, then you can always buy a pair online. Make sure they have a certain Gravity in them.

Next up is the utility belt. It is one of the signature parts of the outfit. So make sure that you do not overlook it. You can put stickers on it if you want or you can search for a tutorial on how to make a more intricate and detailed utility belt. The belt is one of the integral parts of Star Wars Kylo Ren cosplay costumes or any other Star Wars character costumes.

This may seem easy here, but it will surely be an elaborate process when you set to do it. The trick is not to give up! Just imagine the attention and extreme happiness that you would get once you finish the costume. Keep that euphoria in mind and go on!